Contrat: CDI
Ville: Casablanca
Spécialité: Développement

Tech lead will build with other member of development team new tech related services / products and leverage its expertise to establish the company as a technology reference point. He will :

  • Coordinates developments inside his Squad
  • Participates to technical orientation definition for a feature design
  • Management of technical team

Main missions :

  • Build our new tech services scenarios: define tech specifications and POCs, design approach to build fast POCs, with quality and capacity to standardize
  • Define tech benchmarks
  • Link and coordinate with experts in other teams, and act as tech reference in business discussions
  • Coordinate development of the first MVP based on selected technologies and POCs
  • Manage development team and support in building solutions
  • Set up objectives and performance indicators and be able to monitor and improve the performance of its development team and its processes

Profile and competencies :

  • >10 years experience in IT development
  • Have experienced different technologies and languages (Sprint boot, Quarkus, nodejs, javascript, etc…).
  • Full stack / General knowledge and curiosity of other technologies to ensure understanding and proper discussions with technology owners
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit, willing to “start from a blank page”, test & learn, try new things
  • Well organized, with the ability to bring ideas to life in a fast-moving environment
  • Business oriented mindset
  • Capacity to work cross functionally with a variety of stakeholders
  • Management potential. Past management experience is a plus
  • Fluent in English/ French
  • Ability to work with other teams from different divisions
  • Mastership of new technological stack (microservices, mini programs, etc…)

Quantitative and qualitative results :

  • Ensure consistency, reliability and scalability of the different products design
  • Ensure technological choice is coherent with local country stakeholder

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